Get to know us

Executive Summary

The Horn of Africa Solar Panels Plant is a solar panel production factory established in 2023, located in Mogadishu, Somalia. We will build a solar panels factory in Mogadishu that can produce 145 panels per hour. Our mission is to provide clean, affordable energy to the people of Somalia and all East African countries, promoting sustainable development by harnessing the sun’s power to generate electricity.

Company Description

We are committed to addressing the energy crisis in Somalia and all East African countries, where only 35% of the population currently has access to electricity. The population of EAC is about 400 million 65% without electricity.

Market Analysis

Our primary market is the population of Somalia and East African countries currently underserved in terms of access to clean and affordable energy. We aim to reduce Somalia and the region’s dependence on costly, polluting diesel mini-grid systems.

Organization and Management

Our team is composed of experienced professionals in the field of renewable energy. We are committed to promoting sustainable development in Somalia and regions by providing clean and affordable energy.


We provide solar panels that harness the sun’s power to generate electricity. This not only provides a solution to the energy crisis but also brings new development opportunities to rural communities and creates jobs.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Our marketing strategy involves raising awareness about the benefits of solar energy and our products. We plan to collaborate with local communities and government agencies to promote our services.

Financial Projections

With an investment of $40 million, we aim to increase our factory’s production by 10 times. This expansion will enable us to cater to a larger population and generate significant revenue.

Funding Request

We are seeking investors who share our vision of a sustainable future for Somalia. The funds will be used for construction, market research, expanding our plant’s capacity, and marketing our products.